CompanyOur lighting project was born under the wings of a Light fixtures have the ability to transform spaces, no matter their type or size and they can provide the user with comfort. In this catalogue you will find the light fixture that fits you best. It will light up your space and transform your well-being.

After illuminating its wood veneer lampshades and releasing them onto the market under the brand name of ICONO, now europantalla presents its new light fixture collections with high-quality, technical, modern and romantic fabrics, in which the lampshade plays the leading role. As lampshades manufacturers, our challenge has been to illuminate these new luminaires with the same effort, care and affection that we have always devoted to them. Facing the impossibility of cataloguing all the luminaires we can make, we have gone for a series of collections, which are a reflection of what we can create.

We would like to highlight that people at europantalla are lamp manufacturers, which means that we have great flexibility to do contract, projects and special light fixtures, mainly focused on the lampshade.

This has been our choice of shapes and colours, but there are many other lampshade models and material combinations that we can offer. If you can imagine it, we most likely can create it.